I started as a traditional animator, quickly switched to Flash, then After Effects.
I've developed tools with expressions, scripting and Pixel Bender for my short movies.
I now write C++native plugins. For tailor made scripts and plugins, contact me by e-mail.

Distortion selector

This tool includes 2 Pixel Bender plug-ins and a Dockable panel script.
It gives you a new control over distortion effects: the zone affected by distortion!

Define areas with Masks and/or Luma matte. CS6 users can use the new Feather mask tool to get really accurate control.

Add as many selectors as you want on a single layer and get independent control over each effect or group of effects.

Keep control over your distortion over time, remove each selector with a single click.

DEMO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kqcS6zWREck&feature=player_embedded

BUY IT : http://aescripts.com/bao-distortion-selector/