I started as a traditional animator, quickly switched to Flash, then After Effects.
I've developed tools with expressions, scripting and Pixel Bender for my short movies.
I now write C++native plugins. For tailor made scripts and plugins, contact me by e-mail.

Dynamic Comp

Dynamic Comp is a script that allows you to share compositions between several projects.

To do so, just select a composition in your project panel and press the "Export Composition" button.

Your composition will be exported as a .aep project, at the location and with the name 
you choose.

Now, your composition can be used in any After Effects project using this script.

So, what's the difference with just importing the composition's project?

Your comp is now linked to a reference project, and you can update it whenever 
you want !

Update works in two ways :

  • You can apply the reference project's last modifications to your composition.
  • You can apply the compositions last modifications to your reference project.

All this without living your actual After Effects project !

DEMO : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-fn3s1qOoP0

BUY IT : http://aescripts.com/bao-dynamic-comp/